How does sitethumbshot service work?

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To use the service, simply create a free account here or signup for premium service. After you complete signup process, a key will be sent on your email address with instructions on how to use the service. Now you're ready to go!

The service cannot be accessed without a valid key.

Get quality website thumbnails

We deliver hight quality website thumbnails in JPG/GIF/PNG file formats.

We provide various sizes for thumbnails which include several predefined sizes [ T (80x60 ~ 2KB), S (120x90 ~ 4KB), M (200x150 ~ 10KB), XM (400x300 ~ 40KB), L (640x480 ~ 90KB), L (800x600 ~ 130KB) and XL (1024x768 ~ 200KB)] and customized sizes.

If the thumbnail doesn't exist, it will be generated in less than 24 hours in most cases.

Get Thumbnail POPUP code for your website.

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